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altHad a hard day’s work? Had been working like a dog? Just to come home to a mess left by the kids, a messy partner, a messy flatmate or well your pets? Where is the time for you to kick of your shoes, sip a tea and enjoy some music?

This is where we come in. Let us help you to relieve you off those burdensome household chores which never seem to end.

Our professional and fully insured domestic cleaning services are carried out by our reliable and experienced cleaners to suite your needs and requirements and allow you to enjoy your relaxation time free from domestic household chores.

When hiring one of our cleaners we can provide the following:

Daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly cleaning to your preferences

A team of dedicated and professional cleaners operating between Mondays to Saturday, 7.30 till 6

Domestic cleaning includes sweeping, mopping, dishwashing and general cleaning services. We can also provide ironing services in addition.

In addition if you have any specific requirements, we are more than happy to brief our cleaners of your requirement in the form of a task list to ensure nothing is left out.

All we ask is to use any equipment you have in your home (vacuum cleaner, mop and basket).

We can also provide professional cleaning products and equipment on request (additional price will apply).

Domestic Cleaning Service Hours

We can clean your home daily or weekly, fortnightly or monthly.