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About Mitevacleaning – cleaning services in London

Mitevacleaning was founded in 2005 as a small family run cleaning business in London to both private and commercial clients. Since then Mitevacleaning has grown in both experience, staff and clientele and we now boast of clients ranging from domestic premises all over London to commercial and office premises including Law firms and restaurants. In our growth we still for all keep in with the theme of we being a family run business. We take great pride in the family-like relationship we have built with our clients, over the years and in our services in that we always endeavour to keep with our mission statement, “It’s not clean until it’s a Mitevacleaning”.

In keeping with our mission statement we only select experienced cleaners who are fully trained to satisfy all cleaning requirements unique to each individual client. In other words you tell us what you need to be cleaned and we shall provide a cleaner who is best equipped and experience to meet with that need.

We train all our staff to ensure that they keep in line with the highest standards of health and safety and the highest hygiene level to cater to your unique needs.

In addition to the excellent service we provide, another reason we have developed as a business, has been due to the great competitive prices we offer. We do not charge agency fees and deposits and as a family run business we trust our client’s and we place great value in the client’s trust in our services.

We can state unreservedly that we place great value and joy in the fact that we provide our client’s with an excellent service and that we provide a service which is great value for money.

We believe a happy client is paramount, paramount to both the success of our business and the growth of a family like relationship between ourselves and our clientele.